Sciwa Trasporti

SCI.WA is an italian company specialized in road haulage for third parties. The company was born in 1996 from an initiative of Mr Lorenzo Scirocco, professionist in trucking industry.

In the following years the company growht thanks to the involvement of him sons Mattia and Nina who bring new impulses and energies. Today SCI.WA is a leader in cars transport sector in Italy and abroad.

During the last twenty years the company has increased the annual sales of about 80%,managing to set up a fleet of vehicles equal to 200 trucks and to establish new deposits located in both Campania and Lazio.

The expertise and the quality of the offered service has allowed partnership operations with other important companies as well as being currently trustees of transportby the main Italian manufacturer.

Everyday we work to improve efficiency, reliability and value for money.

Our Services

The transport of cars on truck is the most requested service by private and companies. The truck uses itself to the load of different types of vehicles. Transport costs may change based on the size, characteristics and driving conditions of the vehicle.

Costumers can request to arrange pickups and home deliveries. This service can make all of your shipping :national and/or international easy and comfortable. Everyday we work to improve efficiency, reliability and value for money.

Our services includes:

Car on truck

Deluxe car

Vintage car

Agricultural vehicles

Weighty vehicles

Commercial vehicles

Incidented and/or not marciants cars

Roulotte and camper

Car transport complete on truck (8/10 cars)

Transport is carried out with trained and high qualified staff.


The ministry of infastructures and transport

Car transport third parties

Transport regulation authority

Portal of the haluers’ national register

National association of motor transport companies

Portal on driving licenses

The driver's portal

FAI service

The Fleet

The fleet includes 60 trucks owned and over 140 affiliated car transporters. Our services range includes all italy and most of europe (Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Spain, Luxembourg, Holland, Poland). Our company takes care of the environment, indeed all of our vehicles belong to the euro 5 and euro 6 emission classes.

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